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We have a cool story behind the idea of Nxt Skool and all that we represent, hope you like it.

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Here at Nxt Skool, we have many different ambitions and aspirations that we attempt to integrate and weave into each other to create an atmosphere of learning, awareness, and application. We are constantly on the hunt for more knowledge that has evaded us in our younger years going through the traditional schooling system.

It wasn’t until after we finished college that we finally realized we can’t be what society, family, and friends expect of us. We felt stuck in our daily struggle and saw no end to it coming anytime soon. Was this all we were meant to do? Spending most of our days doing things we don’t like, with people we don’t connect with?

That’s when we decided to start our own thing, and every day we try to figure out how Nxt Skool can better serve our fans, our friends, and ourselves. We have big plans which need a lot of foundation work and frankly a lot more capital.

Having an obsession with buying cool new hats my whole life it suddenly struck me that we should make our own. But we couldn’t make just any old hat with the same styles and designs as all those before.

We wanted to bring you the best snapback hats possible, so you can rock them with pride!

Nxt Skool Snapbacks

The latest addition is The Blueberry Suede. Similar to the Gold Standard it has a gold plated logo. This time the color scheme is a deep royal blue with a fire red suede underbrim. The brim is also pre bent and the hat basically speaks for itself. It signifies that Nxt Skool is more than just a snapback brand. They are a lifestyle brand and this hat showcases the luxurious feel they bring to the market.

After months of designing, arguing, setbacks and learning curves we came
up with The Prototype snapback. Featuring a pattern on the bill which is sure to catch the eye of any bystanders. Also, our classic NXT logo which took some influence from the Yankees since we’re all from New York. This hat is built solid, trust me, my brother weighs 200 lbs and he slept on it for about 2 hrs. I popped it back up and I still wear it today.

Followed up by our beloved Gold Standard snapback, this one was a hit right off the bat. It actually has two separate medallion placements that
are gold plated. The first being an “NXT head”
and the second being a pair of headphones around it tilted to the side. And my favorite feature of the hat is the cross-stitched leather on top of the brim. It’s just the perfect amount of leather accent, any more would be too much. Add the silk insert for comfort on your forehead and a white underlay on the brim to match your kicks, this one is a winner.

Also, last but furthest from the least is our newest addition, The 47 Cap. This one sports a strap back design with a 5-panel bucket that is nothing like your average hat. Our custom 47 logo on the front actually has a lot of meaning behind it. For years we’ve been obsessed with the number 47 after seeing it everywhere we go. Finally, we looked up what it means and it turns out it’s an angel number. Basically, it’s the angels trying to let us know that we’re on the right path, spreading light and awareness into a dark world. We haven’t looked back since then and we hope that wearing this hat will bring some
angels into your life as well.

As you can see we spared no expense and swung for the fences to bring you the highest quality products possible. With many more new designs on the way, we hope you enjoy what we’ve created so far and stay tuned for the nxt design. Thank you for your time in reading this article and we hope our brand can depend on your loyalty for years to come as we evolve into the company NxtSkool is destined to be. We appreciate your support!

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